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Cat First Aid - Caring for Cat Injuries

Having a cat can be a challenge, especially if you live in a house and your pet can roam freely through the yard and into the neighbors’ gardens. The risks it is taking are not to be trifled with, as much from the objects scattered through the yard, as for the other animals. Because your cat is probably going to get into territorial fights with other cats or in challenges with different pretenders during the mating season, you might find that sometimes it will need your immediate help. In order to be prepared you should talk with your trusted veterinarian so he or she could teach you how to give your pet first aid. The vet can also teach you the indispensable things you need in your first aid kit so you’ll be prepared for almost anything.
A basic list you should always have on you is formed of: a pair of first aid scissors, tweezers, a clean soft towel, protection thick leather work gloves, a cat muzzle, a rectal thermometer, a small flashlight, small adhesive tape, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide 3%, stretchy bandage and an antibacterial soap.
But, what can you expect if your cat gets hurt? It can have a simple scratch that you just need to wash with antibacterial soap and water and trim the fur around it; if your cat has a deeper cut, then you should cut the fur around it and wash it with hydrogen peroxide 3%. If you see that the bleeding doesn’t stop you should go to your vet as soon as possible. Your cat can be bitten and that is a really tricky situation, since you can’t always see the bite marks and they can be infected. If you suspect that your cat has been bitten during a fight, spend as much time as you can, looking it over. If you find the bite marks, then take the same steps as shown before and take your cat to a vet so he will give it some antibiotics and check for any other injuries. Some other lesion that your pet can get is a torn claw. Mind yourself that this can be very painful so you might need to restrain your cat before you clean the wound. Any bigger injuries than those should require immediate medical assistance, so all you can do is to try to stop the bleeding as soon as possible, if it is external, and rush with your pet to a specialized Vet Clinic.
Sometimes your quick response and the immediate actions you took can save your cat’s life!

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