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Cat 07 from the Pet ShelterCat #7 We found this cat in one of the bus stations of Mariupol.

Cat 08 from the Pet ShelterCat #8 This cat likes to play with a small rubber mouse. And she does it many hours every day.

Cat 09 from the Pet ShelterCat #9 In Ukraine, any black cat is considered as a bad animal by people. Here many people think, a black cat will bring the bad luck to everyone, who takes this pet into their home. They even think, youíll get the bad luck, if same cat across your way in a street. But, of course, that is nonsense and superstition.

Cat Boxer from the Pet ShelterBoxer. This old cat always tries to start a fight with other cats in the shelter.

Cat Possible from the Pet ShelterPossible, it sounds unreal but this cat likes to eat vegetables.

Cat 12 from the Pet ShelterCat #12 This cat hasn't 6 teeth.

Cat 13 from the Pet ShelterCats #13 Couple of the cats always try to be together. We donít know why.

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