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Dog Rescue Charity Picture Gallery of Saved Pets

Dog Mario from the Pet ShelterMario. We found this pretty puppy on the Beach of Azov Sea. That was on a cold December day and the puppy was very weak and frozen.

Dog Joker from the Pet ShelterJoker. Local postmaster brought this cross-bred dog to our. shelter.

Dog Boy from the Pet ShelterBoy. This is a cross-bred estrela -mountain-dog who lived at one of local building sites, you can see it on the photo, the builders were going to kill this poor animal as soon as the building was finished. So we exchanged the dog for two bottles of Russian vodka. And Boy is in safety in our shelter now.

Dog Bomka from the Pet ShelterBomka is a cross-bred poodle and lap-dog. She is a very old and has bad teeth but is a very funny and good-natured dog.

Dog Cheburashka from the Pet ShelterCheburashka. Is a cross-bred Estrela- mountain-dog and common mongrel. We took her from a street where two boys tried to kill her with stones. We know, it's impossible to find any host for this poor dog, but anyway she will live in our petís shelter all her days.

Dog Eddie from the Pet ShelterEddie, is a dobermann-pinscher and came to us in a very bad shape. His former host ill-treated with the poor animal. Eddie got meagre food from his former owner only twice a week and he was famished when we took him in our shelter. You can see the dog is still very slim.

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