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We hope you will be glad to buy something here from our pet shelter charity online shop listings of soft toys, teddy bears and other toy animals.

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Boriss - Soft Toy
Pink poodle "Boriss". Nice toy
Price: $17 Shipping: $4

Funny dog - Soft Toy
Ukrainian orange funny dog. One of symbols the Ukrainian Orange-Revolution 2004.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Pasha - Soft Toy
Hare "Pasha". Green color.
Price: $6 Shipping: $4

Misha - Soft Toy
Red bear "Misha".
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Serma - Soft Toy
Pink chicken " Serma"
Price: $7 Shipping: $4

Vasya - Soft Toy
Short-hair cat " Vasya"
Price: $5 Shipping: $4