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Small dogs like Chihuahuas seem more fragile than other breeds, so they are expected to present more health problems, like allergies. There is good news and bad news regarding this belief. The good news is that the Chihuahua does not have more types of allergies than other breeds; the bad news is that they can make allergies of all types, exactly like any other dogs. So, what types of allergies are we referring to? The out of the ordinary reaction to external stimuli can lead to external and internal symptoms. So, we call these external and internal allergies.
The external allergies are usually caused by foreign substances that can be found in shampoos, dust, pollen grains or detergents. Most of the external allergies manifest on the skin through redness, itching or dandruff. These should not be mistaken with skin diseases like mycosis or bacterial infection, although the last can be a superinfected allergic symptom. Other types of external allergies are the ones produced by inhalation. If your little Chihuahua did stick his nose into some volatile substance or decided to smell the flowers you just received, this can explain why his eyes are all red, his nose is running and he suddenly has difficulties breathing. Sometimes the body cannot cope with the foreign substances and takes its revenge by developing all sort of acute symptoms, like inflammation, hyperemia and sometimes even necrosis. If it looks bad, then it certainly is, so you’d better get your pet to the vet right away. Although a simple hydrocortisone injection should take care of everything, it is necessary that your little Chihuahua gets it as soon as possible.
The other types of allergies are the ones that occur because of some ingredients that don't get very well transformed in the body. The body of your little Chihuahua is just not able to process everything it receives and to some substances it may present a reaction of rejection. This manifests either through diarrhea or vomiting, or through a very unpleasant skin problem, similar to eczema. So what can you do in a situation like this? Try to find out what did your little pet ingest and avoid that particular substance in the future. It might be in the food you’re giving your Chihuahua (that’s the reason they’ve made a special diet for this breed) or a substance found lying around that didn’t suit your pet.
No matter the cause of the allergy, once manifested, you must avoid it from then on, as it will always induce the same unpleasant reaction.

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