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Dog Training - Basic Guide

The whole idea of training your pet at home is to make a better bond with your dog and make him obey you. The commands you're going to teach him shouldn't be very complicated, unless you are a dog trainer yourself. All the tricks your dog will learn should come from the love your pet has for you and not from fear. So no abusive methods, just praise him every time he does something good and signal with a displeased tone of you voice when you don't like his behavior.
The basic "tool" you'll need besides your voice and hand praise is a clicker. This is a little toy you'll find in any pet store that produces a short sound that your dog will associate with an action that you like. Another "tool" your training sessions can't go on without is the "treat". The treat is represented by some little bit of food, usually especially designed for training, that you give your pet every time you praise him or use your clicker in order to enhance the effect.
These few things are all you need for making your puppy the most civilized member of your home. The difference between a human and a dog is that they have the unique need to please their owners at all times. This is the main reason for which the training based on punishment is not that effective. Your dog may understand that he has upset you, but most of the times the reason for your anger remains a dilemma. They are not capable of understanding that things like standing when you wanted them to sit or running in a different direction than the one you've thrown the ball, are bad. However, they will understand by repetition that sitting when they hear a certain command is followed by praise or even a treat.
The real training tools an owner needs when deciding to take into his or her own hands the dog teaching of good manners and tricks are love and patience. Even if it may sound strange, these are the qualities that will make your dog the most obedient pet in the world. The connection between you two is the strongest leash that a dog trainer can have, and also invisible it can't be broken by anything in the world. It will make you communicate almost telepathically and soon you'll not even need to voice your will, since a simple gesture or change in your posture will tell your pet whatever you need.

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