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Birds Make Great Pets

Birds as pets can be a great alternative to the furry pets such as dogs and cats that everyone else has. If you’re not a fan of cats, dogs or you just need something different but with enough intelligence that you can make friends with, then a bird can be the perfect pet for you. Birds can also be a great choice for people with allergies to fur, but who need the company of a tender soul.
What does it mean to have a bird for a pet? Well, first of all it’s a long term relationship. Sometimes it even exceeds the life of the owner. A bird can live from 15 years to between 50 - 100 years for Macaws, so a decision like this should not be taken lightly. In addition, the care you need to have for your bird is similar to the one for a perpetual five years old child. A bird is very emotive and needs to socialize as much as you do, and that is every day. Some birds can be more independent, but many are very attached to “their human”.
Beside the need to be let out of their cage and paid attention to, they need to make regular exercise in order to keep their wings trained and be able to fly. For the owners that were terrified of the idea of going out with a dog several times, every day, they can be relieved: a pet bird doesn’t need that kind of effort, although some birds like to go out with their owners and accompany them on their daily errands.
The basic needs a bird has are fresh water, fresh and complete food and of course distractions so that it doesn’t get bored. When we talk about birds, we may use the expression “bored to death” or at least so bored that they’ll pluck their feathers off. They are rather neurotic animals if not properly taken care of, so if you are going to own a pet bird you should be prepared to reserve it at least two or three hours a day. You should also be prepared to educate it, as birds can be very good students but sometime a little stubborn. When approaching a bird you must know that trust is the first and most important prize you could win from your pet. Along with trust comes care and willingness.
Therefore, whenever you consider yourself prepared to take a bird for a pet you should get ready for the adventure of your life, as your feathered friend may become your most trusted partner.

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