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Pet Gallery of Rescued Dogs and Cats

See into the sad eyes of these homeless dogs and homeless cats, and open your Heart to help any of these poor creatures! You can choose any cat or any dog from this homeless pet galleria and then make a charitable donation for the animal that you like. Of course, you can make a general charitable donation too. We shall send you a paper receipt and our thankfully to your post address, if you wish this. You will get a free gift from our charity shop, if your pet donation is 45 USD or more. Also visit our charity shop where you can purchase some nice goods. And please, remember, everything that is bought by you from the charity shop, will become a good help for the homeless pets!

Rescue dog from car accident Roger the Staff Roger is a young Staffordshire puppy. His mother was killed under the wheels of a mini car and Roger was rescued and brought by a local policeman in to our shelter.

Dog Ajax from the Pet ShelterAjax is a young dachshund. His former owner left him and went to live in Australia . We took Ajax to our shelter, and hope to find a new home for the dog soon.

Mistreated English Bulldog Rescue DogSheriff ,a beautiful English buldog. This adult male Bulldog has a part of the left front paw missing. It looks like somebody or something cut his paw and he has possible been badly treated by previous owners.

Dog Ninja from the Pet ShelterNinja. Owners of this Rottweiler brought her in our pet shelter because they thought the dog had been aggressive to both of their children. Anyway this a good dog who needs love. And we don't see any aggression in this dog.

Dog Lord from the Pet ShelterLord This Irish Setter is a beautiful animal and was well cared for by its former owner. And this 6 years old male is in nice condition. We're sorry that Lord's owner passed away. And now Lord lives in the shelter with a hope to get new home.

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