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Rescue Dogs Photos and Stories

Dog Ivan from the Pet ShelterIvan. We found this dog in a local forest. He was fastened to a tree with wire, and it was the terrible sight. Now Ivan lives in our shelter.

Abandoned Dog rescued from the BeachAgata ,an abandoned girl dog that we found wandering alone on the beach where she was drinking Azov salt water.

Dog Frank from the Pet ShelterFrank, this old chow- chow is a deaf and almost blind. He is a very kind dog.

Rex homeless in abandoned houseRex, we rescued this dog from one of the many deserted houses in our local city.

Dog Edge from the Pet ShelterEdge, is a pitbull-terrier. Her former owners used her for unlawful dog-fights during a long time, and then they drove out this dog when she couldn’t fight any more. Although we try not to bring any fight dogs in our pet shelter. Edge had such terrible wounds on her back, and neck that we couldn't leave the homeless dog and now she lives in our shelter.

Dog Rex from the Pet ShelterRex, is a German -shepherd. This young male no longer has an owner. His former owner died 3 months ago, and Rex has since lived in our shelter. Rex likes nothing better than when somebody scratches his back.

Dog Norra from the Pet ShelterNorra, is a estrela-mountain-dog. She came to us from a local food market where she lived for some years. Norra is a very clever dog and is expecting puppies quite soon.

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