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Morgan a British Longhair Rescue CatMorgan is a British longhair cat who currently hasn't got an owner at this moment. His old owner was taken to hospital a month ago and we are caring of this nice British longhaired animal for the time being.

Cat 14 from the Pet ShelterCat #14 This is a "night" cat. The pet sleep a full day and she gets up and roams at night.

Cat Bombey from the Pet ShelterBombey. Former owners of this animal had asked us to care for their cat when they were away on a business trip. They even paid us 20 USD and gave food for their cat. But they never came to take back this pet. We phoned them, and they said that had bought a Pit-bull puppy and would not to take the cat back into their home. Also they say: “No problem, you can boot Bombey out of your shelter”. But, we’ve never done it.

Cat 16 from the Pet ShelterCat #16 Sorry, I don’t want to add the story about this cat, because it sounds terrible. It’s no good idea, if children will be able to read that story at our website. I just want to say, the cat is okay now.

Kittens Saved and Found New Homes

Cat 17 from the Pet ShelterCat #17 We took out this kitten from a drain. We don’t know how long time this poor kitten had been in that drain, and he was very weak. We’re glad we could to save this funny kitten's life. The kitten has had a kind host.

Cat 18 from the Pet ShelterCat #18 British Shorthair kitten lived in our shelter one week only. Because a new home has been found for her already.

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