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Unwanted Cats and Dogs Saved by Pet Shelter Sanctuary

Cat Tom from the Pet ShelterTom, was one of the first of the inhabitants in our shelter and only has sight in one eye. Generally we donít give names to cats as there are so many to remember, but some cats like Tom donít have much chance of finding a home so they get a name.

Cat 02 from the Pet ShelterCat #02 Siberian cat. We found the cat in a deep building trench. He was in terrible shape when we took up him from the trench. Now the cat is fine. One family has taken this cat from the shelter. His name is Timka now

Cat 03 from the Pet ShelterCat #3 Turkish Angora. Both hind pads of this poor animal were fractured when some children brought this adult male to our shelter.

Cat 04 from the Pet ShelterCat #4 The cat is very lazy. She isnít old but doesnít like to run.

Cat Pirate from the Pet ShelterPirate. Fresh fish is the favourite food of this old male. He dislikes any other food. Probably, this fastidious cat had lived aboard of a fishing boat for many years.

Cat 06 from the Pet ShelterCat #6 This cat is very aggressive. But, anyway, she is a nice animal.

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