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Hand made Wooden Carvings for sale Animal Charity Shop

We sell hand carved wooden objects online for Charity Pet Shelter in the Ukraine. Help save homeless cats and dogs by purchasing any hand carved wooden ornaments and animal shapes from various hard and soft woods.

To Purchase any hand made Wooden Carved items Email with Details To :

Wooden Horse Shoe
Wooden horse shoe with a bell. There's very traditional craft in Ukraine and Russia. They say, the horse shoe brings a good luck to every body who has one. Hand made.
Price: $6 Shipping: $4

Beaded Necklace
Birch wood beads with glassy beads. Hand made.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Juniper Wood Bracelet
Juniper wood bracelet with small glassy beads. The bracelet has a very good smell. Hand made.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Little Wooden Plate
Little wooden plate for a cup of hot coffee or tea. The plate made of a pear-tree and birch together. Hand made.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Black Beaded Necklace
Birch wood beads with small black stones. Hand made.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Wood Rosary
Buddha's juniper wood rosary with tassel. The rosary has a very good smell. Hand made.
Price: $6 Shipping: $4

Birch Wood Comb
Birch wood comb. There's nice comb from Siberia, Russian. Hand made. measures 5 inches.
Price: $5 Shipping: $4

Wooden Tobacco Pipe
Woodcrafts Wooden tobacco-pipe. There's tradition ukrainian tobacco-pipe called LUYLKA here. Hand made. measures 6 inches. very nice!!
Price: $9 Shipping: $4

Plate and Eggs Set
Wooden set of plate with three Easter's eggs. Juniper wood measures 3.5 inches. excellent craftsmanship!!
Price: $9 Shipping: $4